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A Money  Exchange Company with services to the fullest. Worldwide Money Transfers.
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Alami Jordan Exchange Co
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Alami Jordan Exchange Co

ِA career Since 1956

Alami Jordan Exchange co. is a licensed from Central Bank of Jordan and under the Jordanian Money Exchange law no. 26 of the year 1992.

The company owned by the sons of late Sir. Hussameddin I. Al-Alami enjoys a high expertise and a fine reputation within people and has the trust of the commercial society of Jordan. The late Sir. Hussameddin I. Al-Alami has started in 1956 a small money exchange activity as part of the services provided by his owned tourists giftshop (Friendís Souvenirs) in the Amman Civil Airport. These activities has resulted to become one of the leading Money Exchange companies in Jordan.

Money Exchange law was cancelled in 1988 and money exchange activities were prohibited in Jordan during the years 1988 to 1992 where a new law came into effect by which under all Money Exchange companies in Jordan are now licensed and are active.