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A Money  Exchange Company with services to the fullest. Worldwide Money Transfers.
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Alami Jordan Exchange Co
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Welcoming message

Belonging to an area rich in cultures, trade activities, tourism and openness to the whole world, One of Jordan’s major activities has become Money Exchange. Money Exchange is a prominent business in Jordan and the countries of the Middle East. Over the years Money Exchange companies have served the community facilitating to this regard, the ultimate market needs.
 For the purpose of acknowledging visitors to Jordan, Money Exchange companies activities are simply laid over three major areas: -
 - Selling and buying foreign currencies, servicing locals, tourists and the business community and dealing with almost all currencies in all forms (cash, traveler’s cheques …etc.).
 - Performing incoming and outgoing Money Transfers and remittances servicing the need for cross border money movement for expatriates, students, travelers, visitors and the commercial community.
They serve as major suppliers of foreign currencies to the Jordan’s trade community. They are also regarded as one of the payments tools to this sector.
 Although Foreign Exchange is a service provided in places else than licensed Money Exchange companies like Hotels, Travel agents and some merchants, tourists are advised to buy their needs of the Jordanian Dinars from Money Exchange outlets (owned by Money Exchange companies). They will offer exchange rates that are not only competitive, but rather with a wide margin.
 Money Exchange companies are very well spread in
Jordan, they are found in almost every market place in the capital of Jordan; Amman. From Amman down town to Jabal Al-Hussein, Jabal Amman, Wasfi Al-Tal St. to every major city in Jordan, like Irbed, Zarqa, Aqaba…
 On behalf of the Exchange Companies, with a friendly smile we welcome all visitors to Jordan.
 For / Alami Jordan Exchange co.